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How to Record Your Sales Video

Last updated on May 19, 2023

You can find the video for this article here: https://hify.io/v/How-to-Record-Your-Sales-Video/

Before you begin

Before you record your video, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Video should be short and precise

    First, make sure that the video is not too long, as most of the audience prefers shorter and brief descriptive videos. While targeting the decision makers, this strategy is definitely going to help you to attract those people as they value their time much and will recommend watching shorter videos rather than average 3-5 minute videos. So, the recommended time of the video is 1-2 minutes at max. As the longer ones are gonna bore the audience.

  2. The environment should be quiet

    The second thing that you should keep in mind is that you record the video in a quiet place. Pick a place that is quiet so that you don't have any noisy interference in your video, and a place that you think is more engaging around you. This could be your workplace or somewhere that virtually describes your product.

  3. Content

    The third thing, that is the part that matters the most, is the content. By that we mean the things that your video contains, will be overwhelming.

    Following are the steps that you can include in your video to make it more impressive and more engaging:

    1. The icebreaker:

      This is the very start of your video where you will get the highest chance to engage the audience. This would be the start where you greet each person with their own name, and this will be the part that will be automated by the AI with our app. Yes, you heard that right. No need to record again and again for every single person on the list. And yes, don't forget to introduce yourself in this part.

      You can sum this part in a total of 10-15 seconds very easily.

    2. How you found them:

      Show them how you found them. Was it a social media platform or some other professional networking platform? After all, they might be wondering how was it possible to find them in all the crowd. This will possibly make them more curious to watch further and engage them deeper towards your content. This would barely take 5-10 seconds of the video at max.

    3. How your service works:

      Show them how your service works. This is the part where you give a short description of your product or service. How it works and how it will give returns on their investments. You can take your time in explaining as this is basically the main and the rest of the content that your video is based on.

      The optimum time for this part is 30 seconds for a whole minute video.

    4. Call to Action:

      Now moving to the conclusion of your video, make sure that you include some kind of contact info or a referral link where they can reach you out for the details on your service, or better, a deal closing. You can refer to your own social media profile link or your calendar that you can embed by the side of your video or to the bottom.

  4. Gesture

    For the first few (3-4) seconds of the video, make sure that when you face toward the camera you open your mouth a little bit and don't say anything. Also, make sure that you don't show much of your teeth. This is the part where the AI voice clone will do its work.

In conclusion, the video should be short, clear, and precise.

How to Record your Video

Now the question is how are you going to record your video. The answer is quite simple and given below:

  1. Record on HIFY app

    You can directly record a video on the app using the record button.

    1. For this, you need to log in to the HIFY app, click on the Create New button, and select your video template.

      The default template is “Sales Video Generic”. You can create a new template from “app.emeezo.com” if you want to.

      Once you open your template you will need to scroll down a bit to the “Videos” header and under that, you will see the Video* heading.

    2. Underneath that heading, you will see the URL box that is mentioned above. And if you relocate to the folder option under it, you will see another button right next to it. That is the in-app recorder button.

    3. Once you click on it you will be able to see a few switch buttons on the top right. These are the things it is able to record that is named as your screen, mic, and your camera content.

    4. On the bottom left you will see the option for video resolution. The default settings are set to 720p, you can switch between video qualities from there.

    5. Once you choose the access and select the quality, click on the record button in the center and start recording your video. Once you are done you can simply stop recording it.

    6. After recording, you will see a number of other options such as “Re-record” and “Upload”. Take further actions as you like.

    7. Once you upload your video from here you will be able to locate it in the following storage directory:
      Root > File Storage > Temp > Videos

  2. Record on other recorders

    You can record your video using any recorder offline or online and then upload it to the file storage of the app.

    Now to upload the video in the file storage you can use any of the two methods. One is through the HIFY app, the other is through the website app.emeezo.com

    1. To upload on the website, first, go to the website mentioned above. It will ask you to log in to your account. Click on login and it will redirect you to the login page. Once you are logged in you will be able to see the dashboard page of your account.

      1. Now to upload the video you have to look for the “File Storage” option in the left list. Click on it and it will redirect you to the following cloud storage page of your account (app.amoxt.com/dashboard/fileStorage/). After opening, select your account’s storage and it will take you to the directories.

      2. Once you are in the directory you will be able to see two options on the top right of the screen “Create File Storage” and “Upload”. You can create a new folder if you want to keep things organized, or you can just click on the upload button and select the file and upload it.

      3. It will upload in a few seconds (depending on your internet speed). You will be able to see the progress bar on the bottom right of the screen.

    2. To Upload from the HIFY app you need to open the app and log in to it. Then Click on the Create New button that you see on the front page.

      1. Once you are in, click on the template that you see on the front as “Sales Video Generic” and then you simply need to scroll down a bit and see under the Video* heading.

      2. Under this header is a block for the video URL. Under that, you will see a folder icon. Click on it and you will see your cloud storage place.

      3. You can either create a new file folder using the button “Create File Storage”, name it, and then upload your file in the folder that you created, or you can directly upload your video there using the “Upload” button.

      4. Once you have uploaded your video it will show up in the selected directory and you can play it if you want to test it.