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How to Extract Leads Using SalesNavigator

Last updated on May 19, 2023

You can find the video for this article here: https://hify.io/v/How-to-Extract-Leads-Using-SalesNavigator/

How to Extract Leads & Companies From Sales Nav With HIFY

  1. Leads Extraction

  2. Companies Extraction

Lead Search

  • Open lead search

  • Select your lead filters and make sure the list should be under 1000 prospects. It can be narrowed down by applying various filters.

Sales Nav Lead Filters

  • Location, by person or company

  • Degree Network

  • Industry

  • Seniority level

  • Function

  • Job Title

  • Company Headcount

  • Past Job / Current Jobs

  • Period in Current Position

  • Period in Current Company

With practice of this you will learn your own lead filters implementation for efficient results

Lead Extraction

Following steps could be followed to extract leads from SalesNavigator using HIFY extension:

  1. First you need to open a Google sheet.

  2. Next open HIFY Extension and login to your account.

  3. You will see “Dashboard” and “Sheets” sections on the top of the app.

  4. Go to the “Sheets” section.

  5. It will ask you to login to your account. Make sure to login with the same account where you have the sheet.

  6. Now click on the “Extract Leads from SalesNavigator” button. It will open a page with a number of different options in it.

  7. On the top you will see a URL box. Click on it and select your SalesNav search tab from there.

  8. Next you need to select the range of prospects. Make sure that this number is below the mentioned number on the app. Recommended fetch count is 0 - 1000. Smaller batches get fetched faster than the larger ones.
    Select “Fetch out of network prospects?” button (for maximum lead count)

  9. After that, scroll to the bottom and make sure to select your desired variables from the “Fields to fetch” box. E.g

    1. First Name

    2. Last Name

    3. Full Name

    4. Summary

    5. Location

    6. Job Title

    7. Company ID

    8. Profile Image URL

    9. SalesNav URL

    10. Company Name
      You can select any variables that you want to extract. Though there is one thing to take care of.

  10. If you want a quick extraction of leads, make sure that there is no message showing at the bottom of this box. If it shows any of such messages, you can check one by one that which selected variable is causing this. By this method you can extract as many leads as you want in a day.

  11. But if there is any variable that you specifically require such as the LinkedIn URL, you can select it and it will show a message below this box like “The requests will fetch user profile”.

  12. This message showing here means that it will extract your leads one by one. The max limit of extraction by this method is 1000 per day as LinkedIn restricts your account after receiving 1000 similar action requests in a day.

  13. Now extract your leads by clicking on the button “Start extracting leads”.

If you want any other data like Company Website or Location you can simply extract them quickly and in bulk later using matched reports. This will be explained in the next segment of this article.

With below number 50 of people you can extract Company Details, Company Website, Company LinkedIn URL.

Accounts Search

  • Open Account search

  • Select your Account  filters and make sure the list should be under 1000 companies. It can be narrowed down by applying various filters on account search

Sales Nav Account Filters

  • Annual Revenue

  • Company Headcount

  • Company Headcount Growth

  • Company Location

  • Industry

  • Headcount Growth

  • Department Growth

  • Fortune

Account Extraction

You can extract accounts (Companies) data using the HIFY extension. You can follow the same steps for company extraction as you did for lead extraction.

  1. Open a Google sheet

  2. Open HIFY Extension

  3. Review “Dashboard” and “Sheets” sections

  4. Login to your account

  5. Go to Extract Accounts via SalesNav

  6. Select SalesNav tab (companies)

  7. Select range of accounts from 0 to 1000

  8. Select Fetch out of network account (for maximum account number)

    • Company Name

    • Company Description

    • Employee Count

    • Company Industry

    • Company

    • Entity Urn

    • Company Id

  9. Click on Start Extracting button  and it will start your account extraction.

Don't Ask for Company Website, Company LinkedIn URL information if you want quick and bulk leads. You can find companies by Name & Company ID Via Matched Report.

Accounts Match Report

Now you might be wondering how you are going to find the websites for the companies that you found or the profiles that you extracted. This section will help with that.

  1. First you need to copy the “Company Name” and any other company details that you may have in your sheet like “Company ID” into a new sheet (you can create a new sheet in the same spreadsheet).

  2. Then Simply download that sheet in a “.csv” file format.

  3. Go to the SalesNav Accounts section.

  4. To the right on the top of the screen you will see an option of “Add Accounts List”. Click on that and it will give you two options:

    1. Manually add accounts

    2. Upload Accounts List

  5. Click on the upload option and it will open a dialogue box for your storage. Navigate to your file and select it.

  6. Once you open it, it will ask you to name the list and then after that, map the fields (the columns). Add the company name column for its respective field and others too accordingly.

  7. Once it’s done uploading you can simply click on the “⋮” button on the right side and select the “Download Match Report” option. Once you have it downloaded you can simply import this csv file back to your sheet with the company data in it.