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How to Create Bulk Audios

Last updated on May 19, 2023

You can find the video for this article here: https://hify.io/v/How-to-Create-Bulk-Audios/

Create Bulk Audios

  1. First you need to open your HIFY extension and login to your account.

  2. Now on the top, just under the app’s name, you will see 3 options as follows:

    1. Dashboard

    2. Sheets

    3. Voice Clone

  3. Go to the “Sheets” section and there you will be asked to login to your account. Once you are logged in you will see a list of options there.

  4. Go to the “Create audios in bulk” option.

  5. There you will get a box saying “Select audio text column”. This means you will have to select the text column for which you want the audio.

    Once you select it from the dropdown menu there will be another box. This will be the “Select audio URL column” box. This will be the column where the audio files will be placed.

  6. After that you will select the text that you want the AI to say. For example if you want it to say “Hello there” you will add this value. If you want the AI to say something else or want the text to change every time you can add text like “Hello {{Text}}” or simply “{{Text}}” where the text in “{{ }}” will be the text from the column that you selected. first.

  7. Next you will have to select your cloned voice from the list of your available audio clones.

  8. After that you will see the option saying “Parallel Requests”. This is the number of audios it will process at the same time. you can set this number according to your need.

  9. At the end, you just need to click on the “Start creating audios” button and it will start its work.

As a plus, it creates all the similar audios once and places them in all the places simultaneously. For example, if I have a text condition for the first name, all the people whose first names spell the same will be processed at the same time even if they are 13 in number. This thing does not depend on the number of parallel requests.