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How to Create Bulk Screenshots

Last updated on May 19, 2023

You can find the video for this article here: https://hify.io/v/How-to-Create-Bulk-Screenshots/

First, open HIFY extension and login to your account.

Find the “Create Screenshots in bulk” option under the “Sheets” header to create screenshots in bulk.

From the dropdown menu “Select website column”. Select the targeted URLs column to get capture a screenshot of the URL path.

After that, “Select the screenshot URL column”. This will be the column where the screenshot URLs will be placed in the sheet.

After that you will see a button saying "Use Cloud Capture".

  1. If you keep it off, you will have to select a tab from below box, saying "Tab to use for capturing:", for it to capture a screenshot of. It will be a browser tab and will only work if you are focusing on that specific tab. If you don't select a tab, it will automatically open a new tab to create screenshots.

    You can also set the height of the screenshot manually. The max allowed height is 5000px.

  2. If you turn the cloud capture switch on you will see a little different layout and the box that previously asked to select a tab to capture will change to "Select a tab to load session from:" asking you if you want to load cookies from any website. This can be used to copy login sessions from your social media or LinkedIn profile to capture screenshots.

The next step is to set the number of “Parallel Requests” and “Fetch delay”. Parallel Requests is the number of simultaneous screenshots it will process. Fetch delay is the delay time it takes after processing those screenshots.

In the button “Capture Options” is visible. If one's wants to customize screenshots, click on the capture options to customize these options listed below:

Capture Options

  • Hide Elements

  • Remove Elements

  • Execute JS Modules

  • Execute JS Scripts

  • Inject CSS styles

  • Headers

  • Cookies

    You can adjust the Width, Height, Scaling, File Type, Picture Quality as well as you can also choose if you want to capture the whole web-page or just the part showing on the screen in those dimensions.

Once set with the above capture options settings, just click on the “Submit” button, and the main capture screenshots screen will be there.

Now click on the “Start creating screenshots” button and it will start creating the screenshots on as per the capture settings.